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Promo Code Functionality Overview

The “promo code” functionality (available as both a reward or intervention) allows study designers to add a study task that provides participants with a special code that those participants then redeem elsewhere either offline or in an online eCommerce environment for a product or service that would otherwise be at full price.

Promocode participant perspective


Promo codes for rewards or interventions

There are two primary purposes for using promo codes in ProofPilot:

The functionality for either scenario is relatively similar. The only difference is whether you are identifying the task as an intervention or a reward.  An intervention might be free access to online content, a digital health app, or order of a health or wellness product to be shipped to a person’s home. A reward would be an unrelated discount or promotion to the study itself, but a welcome token to the participant for their effort in the study.

Data presentation is the only significant difference between interventions and rewards. With an interventional reward, a promo code will be available in your downloaded reports so you may match external data for analysis. A reward promo code is not available in reports.

Promo codes: Going low tech or high tech

Once you’ve determined if you will be using promo codes as an intervention or reward, the next step is to determine the tech capacity of the entity processing these rewards.

Is the code going to be redeemed at something like a small coffee shop or farmers market vendor? These organizations unlikely will have any code processing technology. Follow the low tech options below.  Or is the code going to be used with a digital health app, online website or retailer with technology to process promotions?

The answer to this question will determine how you define the promo code?

Setting Up Promo Codes to Redeem at a Low Tech Venue

In this scenario, you will fill the URL field in with a website destination that provides participants with information about hours of operations, location, etc. This could be as simple as a Yelp or FourSquare page.

You will want to choose “One code shared by all participant awardees” and enter that code into the “Enter Code” box.

Make sure that all staff at the location where the code can be redeemed know about the code. Participants will come to them and show their promo code intro pages to redeem the reward manually.

Setting Up Promo Codes to Redeem in a High Tech Venue

In this scenario, your URL should be a page that will most likely get the participant to make any relevant choices, and complete the transaction. To ensure participants do not abuse the promo code, we recommend giving each participant a unique code. Enter those codes into the “Enter code box.”