ProofPilot Automatic IRB

All studies on ProofPilot must be reviewed by a third party for an ethical and regulatory compliance check. If you do not have an institutional review board within your organization, before you study can launch, we’ll need to see a letter of approval.

However, if you don’t have an IRB, one will be conducted for you by Veritas IRB, ProofPilot’s IRB partner. Veritas is familiar with the ProofPilot approach, so reviews happen relatively quickly.

With Veritas IRB, you don’t need a traditional written protocol, the IRB will review what you’ve included in ProofPilot. What we do need is a couple of paragraphs on the background of your study:

  • The goals, your target population etc to help the IRB representative assigned to your study conceptualize what it is you are up to.
  • We also need your recruitment plan if you are going to be doing any recruitment outside of specific ProofPilot functionality (which I assume you are in this Delta study given the very specific participant focus).

Please don’t feel the need to be super formal with this plan. It should be something you can put together quickly.

When you’re ready the first step is a quick review here at ProofPilot (we’ll be checking to make sure that images are in place, rules all make sense, titles are there etc).

Then it gets assigned to the IRB representative. They’ll be invited to your study (just like you could invite Janis or Brad using the collaborator feature: Invite collaborators).

Your first study will take a little longer to review than the 3-5 days. The IRB rep will get to know you a little bit, and may make comments via the Collaborator Notes and Comments feature.