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Recruiting Participants in Person

Many studies start with an in-person engagement. Whether it’s in a doctor’s office, a counseling session, or even a classroom – a study professional invites an individual into a study. While it is possible to communicate a URL to a large group of individuals, typing in that URL can be a pain, and you don’t know for sure if your intended participants actually got the message.

Instead, authorized study proctors can use ProofPilot’s in person recruit functionality. With this functionality, proctors can enter an e-mail address or telephone number quickly to invite an individual into a study. If there happens to be in person study tasks that take place at the beginning of the study, those can be completed there as well.

Here’s how it works. 

1) First, you must authorize study professionals to be collaborators on your study. Study professionals are individuals who will do the recruiting.

2) Once a study professional is authorized to recruit, when they click “Me” on their participant experience, there will be a new option called “Conduct.” To switch to professional mode, the study professional will need to click “Conduct.”


3) In the Conduct Mode, study professional as several menu options at the top of the screen. They should click “Recruit.” On the recruit page, there will be a list of studies they can recruit for. The study professional should choose the study they would like to invite a participant to.


4) The study recruitment page will be presented to the study professional. The study professional will then ask the potential participant for an e-mail address, or SMS enabled mobile phone number, and enter it into the invite field.


5) If there are any in-person tasks that need to be completed as defined by the study flow page (or study protocol), the study professional can complete them with the participant.

Otherwise, the study professional receives a notification that an invitation has been sent (either by text or by e-mail).

The participant receives that invitation by text or e-mail and can continue enrollment within the study.

Note: Until the user actually registers for ProofPilot and clicks “Join” no additional communication will be sent by ProofPilot. They are not yet officially a ProofPilot registered user. Nor, are they part of your study.