Removing a Task from a Participant Flow without Deleting it

There can sometimes be situations where you’ve put a lot of work into creating a study task – only to realize you’re not quite sure what to do with it.

Here’s how you can remove a study task without deleting it, in the case you want to use it in your study later.

First, click on the task that you want to remove from your study flow to bring up the study task dialog box.

Click on “Activation & Expiration”

You will be directed to the study task rules page.  You’re going to want to focus on the top of the page that identifies which arms the task is activated in.

Click the boxes to deselect any arms the task is assigned to. In this example, I’ve unselected experiment and control arm.

Press “Save and Continue.” You’ll be directed back to the study flow page. Your task will be in what we call the “Orphan arm.” Tasks assigned to the orphan arm aren’t really part of the study. They will not activate.

If you decide you want the task back in your study. Return to the task “Activation & Expiration” rules, and assign to an arm.