Reviewing Translations

The ProofPilot participant experience is available in various languages. ProofPilot leverages a tool called Transifex to speed translation into new languages so we may engage participants. If you’d like to see the ProofPilot participant experience in a specific language let us know at If you are a native speaker and would like to help us translate, here is how you review translations currently pending.

When ProofPilot adds a language, the system automatically does a machine translation.  These translations can be good but often aren’t quite right.

The next step is to have someone who is a native speaker and has good copy editing skills review and edit these translations to make them more appropriate and correct.  Here’s how that works.

  1. You’ll get an invite to be a reviewer via ProofPilot’s Transifex account for a specific language.
  2. The first time you log in, you’ll complete your account creation process on Transifex. This is not connected to any other login or registration you’ve completed with ProofPilot.
  3. From your dashboard, navigate to languages, and choose the language for which you can review, proofread and edit. If it’s Icelandic, for example, choose that language. 
  4. By clicking on the language, you’ll be presented with a dialog box.  There are two options. You may review a list of items to translate (less than 1000 words), or review each translation as they exist in the graphical user interface. 

If you choose “Live,” you’ll be presented with an opportunity to edit and adjust translation as it will appear it users in a desktop version. (ProofPilot automatically adjusts the layout for mobile and tablet experiences).

On the Transifex pane to the right, select your language. You may interact with ProofPilot as you might normally. When you see a term or phrase highlighted in light green that doesn’t seem quite right, hover over it, and click the pencil to open the edit view. Make your change and press save.

Remember, any actual study content will not translate. Study content is created in the appropriate language within the ProofPilot design experience.  The untranslatable material will show up in English or “Loading …”

We’ve noted that it can be fussy to try and navigate through the entire ProofPilot experience using this approach. It’s a nice opportunity to create a quick visual review, but we find it much easier to use the list view.

If you choose the List view, you’ll have a list of all ~1,000 words that need a review.

When you find a translation that doesn’t seem quite right in the list, click and an edit pane will open. Make your edits and press save.

If you are satisfied with a translation, you may mark it “reviewed.” This item will be correct to ProofPilot staff and other reviews.