Sales Discovery Call

ProofPilot offers potential customers a “Discovery Call” so that we can help you make the best decision about your use of ProofPilot. This article lays out the general outline of that call in addition to what happens afterward.

The Call

1) Introductions and research goals. Why are you considering ProofPilot? What research questions and hypothesis do you have?

2) Brief Orientation to ProofPilot via a slide deck (plus any specific questions directly on the platform).

3) Any thoughts, ProofPilot or sponsor, has related to study design (including studies that might be worth review for replication) – and any services that will be required from ProofPilot to launch the efforts.

4) What if any professional services or custom development is required.

After The Call

ProofPilot is designed so customers can use internal resources to design and run their study. However, sometimes additional staff and services are required.

If NO professional services or custom development required. Within 24 hours, ProofPilot will provide terms and conditions and payment plans for one of our standard licenses, along with some tips and tricks to get started. Once the terms are agreed upon, executed and paid, we will schedule a 45-minute onboarding call to get you started with your first study.

If professional services ARE requested. Within 72 hours, ProofPilot will provide a full proposal including highlights of a proposed study design, budget, and timelines.  Upon execution of the agreement and agreed upon payment schedule, ProofPilot will provide services along with the appropriate ProofPilot licensing level.

Under both approaches, customer service will be available to you from 2 AM to 9 PM EST. Once you’re happy with your protocol (remember you can preview the study exactly how participants will experience it), ProofPilot will review, and then send to our IRB partner for approval. With approval, you may launch your first study to participants.

If you have professional services, ProofPilot will execute professional services directly with participants. Otherwise, our customer support and platform will be available to you and your participants to engage in studies as appropriate.

ProofPilot licenses for both those customers with services and without allowing an unlimited number of studies. We encourage you to do more than one once you get the hang of things.