You Can Serve Participants Who Have Not Registered with ProofPilot

What happens when you wan to serve a participant not registered with ProofPilot?

When you invite a participant in-person to participate in a research study, ideally that participant will accept the study invite and register for ProofPilot. But, in life, the ideal isn’t always realistic. Some research participants will not register by themselves for ProofPilot in a timeframe that works for you. Some may never register at all.

And that’s OK. ProofPilot provides functionality to serve these individuals seamlessly.

Many research participants have limited access to technology (maybe only a flip phone). Others aren’t entirely comfortable with using online tools as basic as creating a username and password.

However, the reason most people don’t register is just that they’re busy with other things in their lives. The intent to participate, but accepting that invite is not high on their priority level.

So, does this mean if you make arrangements to see this person again (perhaps for a study visit) that you won’t be able to serve that individual until they’ve registered for ProofPilot?

Nope. ProofPilot anticipates these situations and adjusts the functionality. You can serve that “non-registered” participant as long as they have access to the e-mail or SMS number used to recruit them handy.

As a study professional, in the serve view, you can support that participant to complete any open study task, including any tasks marked “participant self-service.” To access the serve view you must be a collaborator on the study.

use the serve feature to complete participant tasks even if the participant is not registered with ProofPilot

use the serve feature to complete participant tasks even if the participant is not registered with ProofPilot

It is quite possible that you could serve a participant through an entire complex study without them ever registering or logging in to ProofPilot.

Two things to keep in mind,

  1. a participant who has not registered for ProofPilot will not receive e-mails or SMS messages beyond the invite (and informed consent notification) until they have consented to the research study. This keeps us from “spamming” an invited participant who is ignoring the invite because they’ve decided not to join.
  2. to prevent fraud and abuse, reward tasks are not presented to a study professional. For a participant to redeem rewards (both financial and non-financial) the participant needs to log into ProofPilot.