Setting Recruitment Goals

Recruitment goals are set by arm, and then totaled automatically in the Recruitment & Join process


To set a minimum number of participants to be assigned to an arm, click the default minimum in the arm and make an update. The Goal number will be automatically updated.

If the minimum you place is larger than the maximum. The maximum will automatically be adjusted.

LIkewise, setting a maximum will appropriately update the Max total in the Recruitment & Join arm.

What shows up to participants?

The recruitment goal (a total of minimums across arms) vs the number currently participating is communicated to potential participants to create a sense of urgency and need.

Why Goal/Minimum and Maximum

In most cases, your recruitment goal (or minimum) will be the same as your maximum. You might have a limited financial reward budget, a limited number of study appointments – or some other limited resource that requires you to cap the number of participants at exactly what you need.

However, if you have no resource limits, you might be included to increase your maximum to get more data to create stronger and more nuanced findings. If you think your study is going to attract lots of participant interest, you may consider this.

If your study is being sponsored by a government agency or some foundations – they may request a cap on the number of participants in your study in order to reduce participant burden.