Showing Participants the Reward they are Working Towards

Participants join studies on ProofPilot to contribute to knowledge (about what works), learn about themselves, get important treatments and interventions AND earn rewards. The rewards are particularly important for participants who are healthy and/or in control arms of an interventional study.

ProofPilot allows you to show participants what rewards completing a task will unlock.

You may associate a reward with many previous tasks or maintaining a level of interest in a high-value reward across many tasks. The rewards associated with a task do NOT need to be associated directly with activation rules.

Creating a “You’re closer to” reward preview is easy.

First, you must create your reward and place it appropriately in your study.

Second, go to the prior task that leads to the reward. This is the task where you want to tell the participant that a reward is coming up if they complete.

Scroll down to “Reward” click the select list and select the reward you would like to preview. Save and continue. You’re done.