Simulate, Test & Preview Your Study's Participant Experience

Leverage the ProofPilot study design to simulate, test and preview the participant experience. Design an innovative study.  Press preview to see the study exactly as it will deploy to participants. Share the experience with stakeholders. Test and make iterative updates.

As you design your study,  you can simulate the participant experience at any point by pressing the preview button. The preview button is located under your study title on your study protocol design view.

Pressing the Preview button will open a new window over your study flow design page.

As you preview your study, you will see it just as a participant would from initial engagement all the way to the study end.

Resize your window to see it on different screen sizes and devices. ProofPilot is platform agnostic. By making the screen narrow, you can see how the experience will look for those on mobile phones. For those on desktop devices, make your window bigger.

Click the Join button on your study recruitment page, to begin the experience. We force a demographic screener to you so you can change the experience of the study based on default ProofPilot data. This data is collected by ProofPilot when a participant registers for ProofPilot.

Check your e-mail and mobile phone to preview all the notifications and reminders. Check your wait times and expiration criteria turn into an experience that makes sense. Ensure study visits are as efficient as they should be.

Would you like to simulate or preview our study again?

No problem. Just close your existing simulated experience, and press preview again. You’ll notice a “Reset” button at the bottom of the preview experience. When you hit reset, it will allow you to begin again as a “new” participant.

Would you like to simulate or preview with multiple co-workers?

Need to test your study with multiple co-workers before you launch it (and before you have IRB approval)? Easy. Simply add your trusted testing partners as collaborators. 

They can now test the study experience as well.

Would you like to see what your data extract will look like?

As you simulate your study with the Preview functionality, ProofPilot collects preview data. Check to make sure data is coming in as you want it. Make adjustments and changes and preview again. You can read more about unique issues with data collected in preview mode here.


There’s never been more excitement about new techniques and trial designs.  However, the gap between idea and reality is significant. How do you get investigators to think differently?  How do you reduce the ambiguity and risk? How do you convey the advantage to stakeholders and regulators?