Bookmarks in Your Protocol Design

Need a way to organize your study protocol designs? You can make notes or bookmarks in the lefthand most column of your study flow page. Why would you do this? It helps you create visual marks in long studies. With them, you can visually scan your study design.

Use this technique to visually highlight certain points of your study.  Help collaborators understand your study design. Identify things like a “study midpoint.”  Still editing your study? You can also use the bookmark feature to mark spots across many arms where you need to come back to edit study tasks.

Study flow design bookmarks

Bookmarks on your study flow page provide visual highlights in complex study protocol designs in the leftmost margin.

Bookmarks do not move with your tasks. So if you insert new tasks,  you will need to adjust our bookmarks.

To create a bookmark, scroll along the lefthand side of your study flow screen. An option to add an item will show where your mouse is.

Add a bookmark

Add a bookmark to highlight specific material in your study flow page or identify something you need to come back to.

When you click on “Add Bookmark” you can type a title and description. To save, click elsewhere on the screen. The description in the bookmark will only show when you scroll over it.
Want to move the bookmark? Drag the perpendicular arrow icon to the appropriate new location.
Bookmarks may be placed as frequently as once every other study task. You may not place a bookmark at every task point. Finally, bookmarks identify a point across study arms. You may not apply bookmarks that are unique arm to arm. Do you want to create groups of tasks at one point for a participant? Use uninterrupted study flows with group titles.
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