Survey Supported Question Types

ProofPilot is far more than a survey tool, but it does include data collection functionality in the form of an assessment and measurement system that can support surveys. Currently, ProofPilot supports the following question types:

  • Free Form Text
  • Sliding Likert Scale
  • Single Choice Answer (List/Radial button)
  • Multiple Choice Answer
  • Date

Coming soon (height, weight, time in the form of hours, minutes, seconds)

For multiple choice, Likert scale, and single choice answers, you also have the option of using predefined answer sets, or choosing your own:

  • Agreement, 5 points from ‘Strongly Disagree’ to ‘Strongly Agree’
  • 10 Point Estimation
  • Difficult, 5 points from ‘Very difficult’ to ‘Very easy’
  • Frequency, 5 points from ‘Never to ‘Always’
  • Acceptability, 7 points from ‘Totally unacceptable’ to ‘Perfectly Acceptable’
  • Accuracy, 5 points from ‘Very inaccurate’ to ‘Very accurate’
  • Affect on something, 5 points from ‘No affect’ to ‘Major affect’
  • Agreement, 2 points: Disagree/Agree
  • Assurance, 3 points: no, don’t know, yes
  • Frequency, 5 points from ‘never’ to ‘almost always’
  • Good/Bad, 3 points: Negative, Neutral, Postive
  • Importance, 3 points: Not Important, Moderately Important, Very Important
  • Importance, 5 points: ‘Not important’ to ‘Very important’
  • Knowledge of action, 7 points from ‘Never true’ to ‘Always true’
  • Level of something, 5 points from ‘not at all’ to ‘very much’
  • Like, 5 points from ‘strongly dislike’ to ‘strongly like’
  • Likelihood, 7 points from ‘Almost Never True’ to ‘Almost Always True’
  • Likelihood, 6 points from ‘Definitely Not’ to ‘Definitely’
  • Likelihood, 2 points; False/True
  • LIkelihood, 4 points from ‘Not at All’ to ‘To a Great Extent’
  • Probability, 5 points from ‘Not probable’ to ‘Very probable’
  • Quality: 5 points from ‘Poor’ to ‘Excellent’
  • Reflect Me? 7 points from ‘Very untrue of me’ to ‘Very true of me’
  • Satisfaction, 5 points from ‘Very dissatisfied’ to ‘Very satisfied’
  • Support/Opposition, 5 points from ‘Strongly oppose’ to ‘Strongly favor’