Inviting Study Collaborators


Designing and conducting a research study is a collaborative process. As understanding of human behaviors and health becomes more nuanced, expertise across various disciplines becomes essential. We make collaboration in studies really easy.

In the upper right of your screen, find the dashed circle with a plus in the center. Click it.

A dialog box will appear showing individuals you have worked with before. You can also invite ProofPilot support to collaborate.

To select a ProofPIlot user you have worked with before, click in the light circle to the right of their name or e-mail address. It will turn green and include a white checkmark.

To add a user you haven’t worked with before (regardless of whether they are a current ProofPilot user or not), type the user’s name in the field labeled “Emails”. Additional e-mails may be separated by a comma.

Press return. The system will not recognize the e-mail until you’ve done so.

Then click “Invite.”

Your invited user will receive an e-mail inviting them to collaborate. Once they accept, their initials (or photograph) will show up in your study team list in the upper right-hand side of your study flow page.