The Value of Self Reported Data in Research

Recent research suggests that self-reported data may be as good, or better than alternatives … particularly when it is reported directly to an electronic device.

  • Participants are more likely to answer sensitive questions honestly when they don’t feel judged. For example, women are more likely to report fewer sexual partners when asked by a professional study verses when entered into an electronic system. Men report more.
  • Recent research suggests that self-reported data on physical fatigue may be as accurate as more traditional biomedical measures.

ProofPilot believes strongly in the power of self-reported data. Particularly in the absence of anything else. Most of the validated measures included in ProofPilot’s measures library are validated for self-report.

However, we have purposefully not included links to the studies above. You should make decisions based on the specific measures you are collecting based on prior studies and good judgment.