Trigger a task based on day, date and time of day

In addition to creating rules that trigger based on previously collected data or task behavior in a study, you may also add activation and expiration criteria based on date and time, date, day of week, month, and time of day.

Using these triggers can be useful for study tasks that happen at a specific time (such as a group class that happens on 1/27/2016 at 12:15 PM), or activities that need to be repeated at a specific time (do ten situps every morning at 6 AM).

To illustrate the flexibility of this feature as you design your study, it may be helpful to think of timing in two different ways> Exact time, and relative time.

Exact Time Options

By exact timing, we mean a rule that defines a specific date and time that passes.

For example, 1/27/2016 at 12:15 PM is an exact time.  A task will trigger at that time, and that time only.

Relative Time Options

By relative timing, we mean a rule that triggers based on a point that is oriented to the particular participant’s involvement in the study.

For example, a rule that is “Activate on Friday at 6 PM” will activate on the next Friday at 6 PM after the participant joins the study. That Friday could be in January, or it could be in March. The rule simply means that the task will fire on the next Friday.

Relative timing options include:

  • Time of day (triggers the next point at which that time of day is met). Note ProofPilot works on military time, so 15:00 is 3 PM.
  • Day of week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. (triggers the next point that day of week is met)
  • Day of month (triggers the next point that point in the month is met).

Combining Timing and Prior Task Data and/or Prior task status in Activation and Expiration Rules

You may create rules that have a combination of timings, prior task statuses, and previously collected data to create a highly customized experience.

In the scenario above, the task “New Online Action” will activate on the next Friday at 10 AM local time AFTER the Oxford Happiness Scale is completed.

So, if Participant #1 Oxford Happiness Scale is completed on Saturday the 1st of April, the “New Online Activity” will activate on Friday, April 7th at 10 AM local time – the next Friday after the Oxford Happiness Scale is completed.

If Participant #2 completes the Oxford Happiness Scale on Thursday, December 6th at 7 PM, the “New Online Activity” will activate the next day at 10 AM local time – the next Friday after the Oxford Happiness Scale is completed.