Updating Your Study Name or Title

oday, lots of studies have long titles with complex language. ProofPilot wants to help you think about participant engagement from the moment you conceive your study. There is one study title (or name) for both internal and external use.

There are two ways to change or update the name/title of your study.

Update from the Study Flow Page

You can update the title of your study from the study flow page. Simply click on the current title (when you first create the study, it will say “Name Your Study”), and edit. There is no need to press save. Your study title is updated.

Update from Your Study Recruitment Page

You may also update your study title as you are creating your study recruitment page. To do so, click on the study task, “Study Recruitment Page.”

Then update your study title by clicking the title area. By default, the title is “Name your study.” You don’t need to click save. You title saves automatically when you click save and continue at the bottom of the page.