What is the difference between the researcher task title and participant task title

ProofPilot is designed to help researchers think through the participant experience. Therefore, we purposefully present the participant intro setup process as the first step of setting up a study task. We also, by default surface the participant title in the study flow. Our purpose is to help you, as the study designer, continue to keep the participant experience in mind.

However, there are situations where the participant task title is fairly generic, while the purpose of the task from a researcher’s perspective is extremely specific.

For example on the study flow page below, “How do you feel about yourself today?” is a participant title that engages the participant, and gets them to engage with the study task. To a researcher however who is working through a scientifically valid design, the title means very little. It’s a specific depression measure.


In those situations where the difference between the participant and researcher understandings of a task are significant, you will want to use the Researcher Title feature on the Task Intro Page.


By default, the researcher and participant task are the same. When you decide to change the researcher task title, the participant title is not affected. What will happen is the title will be different on the study flow page so researchers are better able to identify what the study task is from their perspective:

When you click on the task, the popup will give you both the researcher task title and the participant title.

You may edit both the researcher title and the participant title by clicking on “Intro.”