Why Can't I Design a Study on My iPhone or Android?

The ProofPilot participant experience automatically adjusts to any screen size or device a participant has access to. iPhone, Android, iPad, desktop, laptop … it’s all good.

However, If you’ve tried to visit go.proofpilot.com on any device with a small narrow screen, you’re likely familiar with this page. The ProofPilot design experience doesn’t work on a small slim screen.

Designing a study on ProofPilot requires a screen that is relatively wide to sufficiently interact with study arms. Study arms are represented by columns. Each arm is a unique participant experience.

This unique participant experience per arm is essential to make comparisons. One arm may include an active treatment or intervention, versus another that may be without. Measuring the difference between participants randomized into these two different arms can help you determine whether a treatment is effective of not.  The ProofPilot design experience visualizes these unique experiences so you can be sure to design a good study.

An iPhone or Android phone is just too small to make the most of the design experience.

For those of you on tablets, take note. In the landscape orientation, tablets are large enough to make good use of the ProofPilot design experience.

On the iPad or another tablet device, if you get the screen size notification. Reorient to landscape and refresh.