Why does my eligibility data collection task show up after the eligibility check?

Before a person can be in a study, you need to learn a little bit more about them, so you can decide whether they meet the needs for your study.

This is the eligibility process. The eligibility process typically consists of one or more measurement tasks, followed by the eligibility check. The Eligibility check uses rules to automatically determine who belongs in the study and who doesn’t – based on the data that you collected.

Does the below study flow page look something like yours? The task where you collect the data used for eligibility looks like it takes place after the eligibility check.

Obviously, this ordering won’t work. You need to collect the data before the system can run the rules.

The issue can happen to anyone …  Here’s how to fix it.

Look at your activation rules for “Eligibility Check” and the measurement task you created potential screen participants (in this case “Basic Demographic information (full)”

They both have the same eligibility rule. Therefore ProofPilot doesn’t know which rule to place first, so it defaults to ordering by the task that was created first. Since the eligibility check task comes default when you launch the study, that’s the one that was created first, so it is ordered first.

Fixing the issue

You can easily fix the issue simply by adding an AND rule to the activation criteria for your eligibility check. This AND rule will say to activate the eligibility check after your measurement task is completed. In this case, the measurement task is  “Demographic Information (full)”

That’s all it takes. You’re now saying that the automated eligibility check only activates after the Basic Demographic (full) task is completed.