Working with Images on Task Intro Pages

All ProofPilot study tasks include a task intro page that is shown to a participant or study professional before starting the task. These intro pages give you an opportunity to tailor the look with images. These images help you create a more interesting, engaging, and culturally relevant study for your participants. Here is how you work with these images:

Replace an existing task intro image: 

All tasks come with a default image. In this case, it’s the ProofPilot rocket image.

To replace this image, first you need to delete the one that is currently there. Notice the X in the upper right corner of the image. To delete the image, press that X.


Upload a New Image: 

Now you have an empty image. Click on the “Click Here to add an image” to bring up the image upload dialog box


Select an image from your computer.


Resize and adjust image:

Now that you’ve uploaded your image, ProofPilot helps you make it look it’s best. Choose the portion of the image you want to show and resize as you see fit.

  • Drag the entire box to crop the portion of the image you want.
  • Drag the edges to expand or enlarge the frame at which you want the image.

You may note that the proportion of your image is set. This helps create a consistent experience for participants across different devices and screen sizes. If you choose an image that has different proportions you can resize and crop to adjust. Make sure you choose a file to upload that includes a suitable proportioned area to be cropped.

Saving your selection:

When you are satisfied with your image selection, you can click the “Checkbox” in the upper right. The system will save your image. Once it is saved, you can advance to the next step of the task creation process.