Writing Titles, Subtitles and Text to Improve Engagement

While it can sometimes be an afterthought, your study title, subtitle, and task titles and instructions are extremely important. Using bland copy can reduce engagement rates and cause user confusion. Consider your audience and use short, pithy titles and subtitles that have a clear purpose (usually to get a participant to take an action). Here are some things to keep in mind.

1) Use your task subtitles
Task subtitles not only populate your task intro page, but they are also included in e-mails, SMS messages and on the participant’s task list. The task subtitle is a great opportunity to provide clear instructions and drive an action.

2) Use action verbs, particularly in the task “Begin Task” call to action button.
By default, ProofPilot places “Begin Task” as text in the button a user presses to begin a task. You may edit this material, and provide something more specific to generate additional clarity and urgency.

3) Tell your participants what you want them to do, don’t just label
ProofPilot gives you the opportunity to guide your participants. As part of that guiding process, you can ask the participant to do things (complete the survey, take your medication, redeem this reward). This provides additional clarity and spurs an action.

As you define your copywriting strategy be sure to be aware of your target audience and any human subjects ethics considerations.