Your Study Landing Page Populates Additional Content Across Your Study

Any marketer will tell you that brand and messaging consistency is important. In research, this takes on an added level of importance because there are scientific, ethical and regulatory issues if your messaging changes.

ProofPilot has standard join and invite messaging templates that use content from the study recruitment page. Your messaging across social networks, e-mail invites, welcome messaging, SMS invites, and SMS welcomes are all consistent both from a messaging and visual perspective.

The study recruitment page is among the first experiences a potential participant will have with your study. On your study flow page, it is the very first task in your recruit and join arm. Completing it is very important, as it populates a large number of items for your study across the ProofPilot platform.

You include a main image, create a study logo, study title, study subtitle or tagline. You also fill in information:

  • About your study (Why the study is important, why it’s being done, and who should join)
  • What’s involved (tell participants what they should expect during the course of the study, including any unusual risks over and above a typical day at day or online activity)
  • Rewards (any rewards, reimbursements or tokens of appreciation that may be unlocked by participating in the study)
  • Team (information about the team conducting the study, and the who reviewed the study for ethical considerations).

The result of this information creates the study recruitment page participant experience formatted appropriately for different screen sizes:

This information automatically populates various other components across your study experience creating a level of consistency that supports participants, makes setting up a study quickly, and reduces regulatory complexity.

1) Study title and study logo are used across the participant experience. 

Your study logo and study title will be used on the participant task list and every task intro page associated with your study.

2) In person invite functionality

If you are recruiting participants in person, your study invite page will be modified slightly and made available to those on your team responsible for recruitment. They will see the same study intro page that self-service participants would see, with the slight change that they can enter in an SMS or e-mail address of potential participants so they may continue the enrollment process.

3) E-mail and SMS invitations

If you are recruiting individuals in person, after you’ve entered the users SMS or e-mail address, they will receive a corresponding e-mail or SMS to continue the enrollment process. The material in that e-mail or SMS comes directly from the original study recruitment page.

SMS version. The e-mail looks just like a welcome e-mail (described below) with a subject line, “You are invited to {study.title}/

4) E-mail and SMS Welcome Notifications

Once a participant has been deemed eligible, and consented, they will receive an e-mail or SMS notification (depending on what technique they used to register for ProofPilot).

5) Social Share

Users who browse ProofPilot studies (regardless of whether they are part of the study or even ProofPilot users), may elect to share the fact studies exist on social media, for others to review and decide if they’d like to join. The material included in content shared with social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit respectively) are not editable independently and pull imagery and text from the study recruitment page.

5) Search Engine Optimization and Additional Awareness Features

ProofPilot continues to review additional features to help you build awareness for your study. All of these features will use the content on your study recruitment page in one  way.For example, studies that are available via search engines use the study title, tagline, and beginning of the about information in search results.