Run Healthcare Research Studies

Ask tough questions. Run RCTs and outcome studies with efficiency and ease. Build evidence. Show which innovations provide the most safe, efficient and effective outcomes.

The Opportunity

Research techniques haven't kept up with the trend towards evidence-based medicine.

Essential innovation stagnates. We're left making important treatment decisions based custom and habit. 

Evidence-based medicine dictates treatment and payment decisions across healthcare. Scientific studies, like the randomized controlled trial, creates that evidence.
But the RCT, and other techniques like it, are management nightmares. They're so expensive few get done. A 2006 Institute of Medicine Round Table Report estimates that 50% to 80% of medical treatments conducted in US hospitals have insufficient evidence.
What if we made it easy for any medical professional to run experiments? What if we eliminated the cost and complexity?

Create evidence-based findings as easily as managing a blog.

More Studies. Better Evidence. Improved Outcomes.

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Speed Innovation

Build credibility. Create leadership. Bring innovations to market. Scale what works, improve what doesn't. Quickly launch anything from a tracking study to a full scale randomized controlled trial within current resources. 

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Show Return on Investment

Evaluate programs that produce better health outcomes while showing better financial metrics. Reduce costs, increase revenue, improve health. Launch studies that used to take government academia years to plan. Use the resulting findings to make operating decisions. 

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Make it Local & Personal

What works for one person or community, may not work for another. Bring evidence-based and personalized medicine together. Evaluate treatments against local cultural and environmental factors. Determine what works for your population.

Design and Launch Healthcare Research Studies. Zero IT.

Design Your Study

design a healthcare research study
ProofPilot's created a visual protocol design language. Choose from a library of predefined intervention, treatment, measurement templates and functionalities. The designer supports nearly any kind of human subjects research study.
ProofPilot is powerful enough for a career researcher. It brings major efficiencies to a process that used to be manual. At the same time, it is easy enough to use for a first time researcher and technology novice.

Engage Participants

participant healthcare research perspective
Launch the study without any developers or IT. It's all handled. Participants can engage on any internet connected device they have access to. They don't have to download anything
As tasks activate and expire in your study design, they receive SMS and text messages alerting them to a new task. As a token of appreciation, they earn rewards and insights redeemed right through their device. 

ProofPilot even supports in-person studies. Not every task is self-service. ProofPilot provides functionality to make in person visits seemeless and efficient. 

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Technology and consumer-focused design has created massive efficiencies in the enterprise.

ProofPilot is the first and only complete platform that brings these innovations to human subjects research. 

Once you've designed your study, as the researcher you sit back and watch the data roll in. ProofPilot even includes some basic study recruitment functionality that turns participation in a study into a social-media activity. 

ProofPilot handles all the tech issues an security. All studies are run by a third-party reviewer for human subjects ethics protections

Highlighted Healthcare Research Study Tasks

Study tasks are the basic building blocks of ProofPilot studies. Each task represents one distinct activity in your study.  Tasks are tied together with rules and organized into arms to create a full study protocol. 

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