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Those of us who started ProofPilot share very different backgrounds. But they share a similarity. We left research firms, academia, and service organizations because they were slow. Technology, the media, and consumers move quickly. We wanted to be able to respond with research tools fast enough to make the most of what was available.

The idea that spawned ProofPilot came out of a consulting firm. We were working on bringing research studies and trials into the real world. We pieced together open source solutions like ResearchKit and Redcap custom for each study. Like so many that have tried the same, it was a mess.

We initially built ProofPilot to solve our problems. We wanted to systematize lessons and best practices. That meant productizing functionality and features that worked. It involved creating a body of knowledge about what worked (and what didn’t) using those features.

Eventually, the team that was ProofPilot were no longer a consulting firm. What we built, the platform to design, launch, and participant in trials, became ProofPilot.

Since then, our mission has expanded. We’re democratizing these tools. Now, organizations that figured trials were too hard or too expensive can run them. Our customer base goes well beyond pharma and academia.

To better accommodate our growing operations, it’s time to reorient our social-media presence.

The ProofPilot Blog will refocus on the broad issues, needs and strategies affecting the research world. The @ProofPilot Twitter handle will have a similar focus. It will include the addition of stories and research results you think you’ll find interesting.

To cover new features, updates, and tips and techniques, We’re starting a new Medium blog. It’s ProofPilot Development Announcements. Research designers should head here to learn more about what we’re learning at ProofPilot. We’ll keep you updated here about new functionality we’re adding, and bugs we’ve squashed. The @proofpilot_it Twitter handle will supplement this new channel. It’ll be your window into all the material available at ProofPilot How-To.

This reorganization recommits ProofPilot to each of our unique stakeholder groups. We hope you agree that this both supports our current set of partners, but also continues our push to change what it means to be part of research studies.

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