ProofPilot & E-Signatures

As part of participation in and operation of studies on ProofPilot, you may be asked to input your account password as a form of electronic signature.

Electronic signatures are legally binding for nearly every business or personal transaction around the world - including participation and operation of trials and research studies.

ProofPilot's e-signature process has been developed to meet the legal requirements of the US E-sign Act and other country laws by allowing users to:

  • Verify an e-signers identity by using the user's private secured password as signature confirmation.
  • confirm an e-signers intent to sign electronically
  • link signatures to the ProofPilot users of the particular activity within the ProofPilot study.
  • Record all important activities related to the signature
  • Allow ongoing access to the consent materials by the study participant.
  • record, with a timestamp that is not modifiable that protects the verifiability of the e-signature.

At each point of e-signature, upon entering your password and pressing the "I Accept" or "Continue" button you are signing and confirming the agreement or activity electronically.

You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Agreement. By selecting "I Accept" you consent to be legally bound by this Agreement's terms and conditions.

You also agree that no certification authority or other third party verification is necessary to validate your E-Signature and that the lack of such certification or third party verification will not in any way affect the enforceability of your E-Signature or any resulting contract between you and ProofPilot (and our study sponsors).

You also represent that you are authorized to be the e-signer and are the individual who owns or are authorized to access any of your ProofPilot accounts and that such persons will be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

Finally, you agree that each use of your e-signatures constitutes your agreement to be bound by the statements, agreements, operations, and confirmations for which your e-signature is requested.