Introducing & Evaluating Digital Health Innovation in Nutrition Education Classes

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Direct-to-consumer health and wellness innovation is missing the vast majority of lower-income Americans who need it most.

But insufficient evidence of efficacy and acceptability makes it difficult to convince gatekeepers to make change and/or make investments.

  • Lower-income individuals, many on government assistance, represent a huge untapped market.
  • Walmart earns $1 billion a year from food-stamps in Oklahoma alone.


  • Digital health and wellness innovation is seen as being "only for coastal elite millennials."
  • American Medical Association calls a lot of new innovation "digital snake oil,"  


  • Overcoming critiques require outcome studies and trials.  But, they're so difficult and wonky to run, few get done.
  • Digital health & wellness innovation doesn't have the proof to convince large buyers and policymakers.

Quickly launch a study without about the same effort as a marketing campaign on ProofPilot.

Add value to federally sponsored group-based nutrition classes held around the country.


  • Deploy promotions into these group-based classes with minimal effort. 
  • Collect additional data via ProofPilot's compliant online approach to measure acceptability and health outcomes important to unlock bulk purchases among decision-makers. 
  • All without a PhD or any added tech. Integrates with existing e-commerce approaches.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) & Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

  • Federal programs that fund 30,000 classes across Florida alone. Every state and US territory runs classes. 
  • There is no cost for participants to enroll in and attend classes. 
  • Classes are conducted by trained providers in areas convenient to participants and in local languages.

Design Your Study: No IT or PhD required

  • Select measurement or intervention templates in some of the hottest health and wellness topics. 
  • Create a strong user experience by completing sentences and stay on brand by choosing colors and language (no IT skills required).
  • Allow participants to share data from connected health devices, purchase data, web usage, EMR records ... and coming soon, lab results.
  • Add promotion codes from your e-commerce platform that user will redeem to access your products and services.
  • All studies get an industry standard third-party regulatory and ethical review.
  • Add coupon or promo codes from your e-commerce platform to ProofPilot.

Participants attend a class that works within their schedule taking place in thousands of locations across the US provided for free to support healthier eating and lifestyles.

Participants register attendance at the class via an SMS message and get an invite to join a study on ProofPilot.

Send SMS

Participants join the pilot program (aka the study), submit self-report data, conduct study activities, share EMR records all from ProofPilot, based on the study design.


At points identified in your study design, your codes are automatically distributed to participants.

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ProofPilot directs users to your app, website or service (with deep links if appropriate) and with coupon codes automatically applied.

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Review Findings

  • Review data in a human-readable format. Statistical skills not required.
  • Sort, filter, and run basic statistical analysis within ProofPilot.
  • Create and view visual dashboards within reports.
  • Data from all sources formatted for longitudinal analysis
  • Download de-identified data for further analysis in your favorite tools.

Technology has democratized investing, transportation and journalism.


ProofPilot is the only tool that makes it easy for anyone to run a scientifically valid study.

  • Quickly Deploy studies that show the real impact to decision-makers
  • Show why your offering works and should be a long term investment
  • Continuously improve your offering
  • Show long term health ROI
  • Track outcomes
  • Show imact
  • Prove effectiveness
  • Generate evidence

All while doing little more than launching a customer acquisition campaign.