ProofPilot Privacy Policy

What is ProofPilot? ProofPilot is a platform to take part in research studies. As a participant, you’ll learn about yourself. You’ll get access to new cool products, novel treatments, and innovative techniques. You’ll earn valuable rewards. And, you’ll contribute to knowledge on what works (and what doesn’t) to improve health and society.
Why this is important. As a study participant, you’ll be sharing some very personal information with us. So, at ProofPilot we take privacy and security very seriously.
What you need to know about study participation. ProofPilot supports studies on all kinds of different topics.
Before you join each study, ProofPilot will tell you what you need to know to take part. Each study collects stores different kinds of data. Each study has different treatment risks and benefits. Each study will use your data in different ways. Different people will have access to your study data. Before you join any study, you should review this information to make sure the study is right for you. You’ll need to confirm you accept what’s involved in each study before you can officially join. You can leave a study at any time simply by stopping participation. Participation is completely voluntary.
What does ProofPilot itself collect on me? ProofPilot provides the technology to support all these different studies. We collect some data and use some technologies that are not related to specific studies.
Contact info. We collect an e-mail address and/or mobile telephone number to uniquely identify you. Most importantly, we use this information to communicate with you. This information is never shared with anyone else by ProofPilot.
Demographic Information. We ask about your birthdate, your sex, and location. We also use information from your IP address and brwoser settings. We use this information to prefill things like language, timezone and country. We also use this information to counter fraud and bad actors.
When you join a study, we share your age, zip code, country, and sex with the study. No one else in the study able to identify you.
How Your Data is shared with others. When you join a study, you agree to share or contribute data to answer a question. You must explicitly agree to take part in the study and share data.
When your data is shared, it is scrubbed of anything that uniquely identifies you. And, it’s paired with hundreds, even thousands of other participants. Most times, all this combined data is processed into a graph or statistic.
Any personally identifiable data remains encrypted on ProofPilot.
Storage, Encryption and Privacy Controls. ProofPilot protects your information with industry-leading encryption in a physically secured location. That location is either in the US or European Union unless a specific study states otherwise.
Access. We protect you by confirming your access to ProofPilot with a password. If you’re inactive for a period, we automatically log you out. You can access your account anywhere around the world. Researchers can analyze your anonymized data anywhere around the world via their secure, protected access as well.
Cookies and Session Data. Across ProofPilot uses cookies to make sure your experience on the site is of high quality. Our cookies are not used to collect data on you. We use this information to correct bugs and create a good user experience for you.
How we communicate with you. ProofPilot uses your contact information to send you task reminders, rewards, and study summaries. We do not share your contact information with others, or for other purposes, unless you elect to do so.
Accessing Your Data. You can request a full download of any data collected on you by e-mailing There are some situations where providing your data may be against certain laws or cause problems with study validity. In those cases, we will inform you within 3 business days, and provide you with next steps to get access to your data or take other steps.
Retaining Your Data. ProofPilot retains your data indefinitely unless otherwise noted by a specific study. You may request we delete your data at any time by e-mailing Deleting your data will remove you from any studies you are participating in and could invalidate any rewards you’ve earned.
From time to time, we may update these policies and procedures. You should check this page occasionally. We’ll summarize any updates at the top of the page.
In SummaryOur goal is to strike a balance between privacy, security, access and scientific validity. You are volunteering your data to answer key questions about what works to improve lives.
For every study you join, we’ll guide you through any issues you need to be aware of. We’ll tell you about your responsibilities, the risks and the benefits of participating. We’ll tell you how the data will be used.
Your data is secured and encrypted. It is protected. You have the right for it to be deleted. Unless it is against the law, or will invalidate a study, you have the right to your own data.
Your data is shared when you say it is. And even then, it is anonymized. You are in control of your data.
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