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Simulate Innovative Protocol Designs with “Preview”

There never been more interest in innovative research study designs. These new protocol ideas, in areas ranging from pharmaceutical clinical trials to folk medicine evaluations, have the opportunity to identify new breakthroughs with high efficiency and low cost. They open opportunities for new kinds of data to be collected in real-world environments, while improving protocol fidelity among a far broader group of study participants.

There’s a significant gap between these discussions and the ability to execute new ideas. Despite the chaos of current research approaches, there are significant risks to innovative study protocol designs. Will regulators and ethics reviewers understand and approve new techniques? Will the cost of any added technology development exceed estimates? Will participants accept and engage? Will untested approaches collect valid data? Reviewing protocol designs in Microsoft Word documents and regulatory submission doesn’t remove the ambiguity.

The ProofPilot Study Preview functionality can. Learn more about how it works at

We’ve made significant upgrades to “Preview” functionality that simulates a full study experience — from recruitment to communicating study results with participants. As you design your study on ProofPilot, you will see exactly how that study will deploy to participants, study sites, and study staff. As users of this simulation functionality run tests, you will even see how your data populates your reports and data extracts.

First you design your study protocol. Once you get the hang of ProofPilot, even complex cross sectional multi-arm trials can come together in an hour or two.

At any point as you design your study, click the preview button. See exactly how the study will launch to participants, including any “in person” interactions. You’ll see how each e-mail, and each text message engages participants. You’ll note how the intervention is presented and how consent is agreed to. Literally every step of the study process is concrete — including window periods.

You can edit anything and test again — without any IT, well before an IRB amendment would be necessary. When you are ready to share with others, you’re not doing so in ambiguous word documents or powerpoint presentations, you are showing an actual ready to launch study. You can help show tangible examples of innovation advantages, communicate concretely with regulators and reviewers, and even get investigators afraid of change to experiment in a completely safe environment.

The Preview and simulation functionality is available on all paid versions of ProofPilot effective immediately. You can preview the study exactly as it will deploy to participants, share the experience with stakeholders, and make continuous updates. It is all within your control without any IT involvement or software skills. (as we always say, even the PhD is optional).

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