Nutrition Information Sources Credibility | Study Task

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What to participants trust when it comes to nutrition information sources? The nutrition information sources credibility survey measures participants’ perceived trust in dietary guidance from various individuals and channels.

There is conflicting dietary and health information hitting consumers from all sides. Each story, conversation or recommendation seems to identify the perfect nutritional silver bullet to better health. Low-Fat. High Fat. Paleo. Keto. Zone.

Many studies around the world point towards point towards the most trusted individuals being general practitioners1. However, widely repeated stories of medical students receiving less than 25 hours of nutrition education lead some to reevaluate that trust.

This survey asks an individual to answer “How credible is the nutrition information from the following sources?” Source items include friends, family members, newspapers, doctors, and nutritionists. And, you may, of course, add your own options. The scale goes from ‘Did not use” through to “Very Credible.”

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Cash T, Desbrow B, Leveritt M, Ball L. Utilization and preference of nutrition information sources in Australia. Health Expect. 2015;18(6):2288-2295. [PubMed]