Electronic Medical Record Integration | Study Task

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This new ProofPilot integration dramatically reduces the organizational barriers associated with EMR data. It requires almost no engagement with complex hospital bureaucracies. In the worst case, it requires a simple call to a customer service line so a participant can get a secure invite code. Participants from around the country can enrich the data available in a study. Organizations that exist outside of a typical hospital setting can see how their work affects medical outcomes. EMR data can be used to personalize study experiences at the beginning, middle and end of a study. For some studies, EMR data may even show changes from baseline to an outcome.

Patients share access to their EMR via their patient portal. A patient portal is a secure website that allows patients to interact with their healthcare providers online, and access some EMR data with a username and password. The US Government required all healthcare organizations to have patient portals by 2015, or face penalties. These portals have to be used by at least 5% of patients to prove “meaningful use.” Unverified statistics suggest that just under a third of patients access a patient portal, and the rate is fairly consistent across age groups.

Once your study launches, participants will engage as normal. Based on your study task activation and expiration criteria, the “Share Electronic Medical Record” task will activate.

The participant will click share, search for the medical institution(s) where they have patient portal access, and then enter their patient portal username and password. And it’s done.

The resulting data from all the participants will now be available in your reports and data downloads for analysis. The data is standardized across institution and EMR platform.