Study Template: Blank Randomized Controlled Trial

This blank randomized controlled trial template is a good starting point for someone with experience. With a blank page (or canvas) there are so many possibilities. The same can be said for this template. It’s a two-arm study (experiment and control) with simple randomization. 
This template provides significant flexibility. You should have a good understanding of how ProofPilot works, participant engagement best practices, and research methodology to use this template.
If you have that experience, this template can save you some time when designing innovative participant focused RCTs.

What does this study participant experience do in the Blank Randomized Controlled Trial? 

This template includes very little. If you need some inspiration, check out how our how to on designing a study when you don’t know what to study.

However, with a little experience (or maybe some support from the ProofPIlot Crew), there’s nearly an unlimited potential for this template.

What's included in Blank Randomized Controlled Trial?

There are various measurements, interventions, decision rule tasks in studies.For more detail on what this study includes, along with links for more information on each task scroll down

Learn more about how ProofPilot works In: 

Study Tasks Included in Blank Randomized Controlled Trial

This template is a complete fill in the blank. You can start from scratch!