Study Template: Online Research Study Participant Experience Demonstration

This study template demonstrates a simple research participant experience on ProofPilot. It’s not meant to be a real study or ever launch to participants. The purpose is to help you understand how a visual protocol design turns into a participant experience. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the ProofPilot visual protocol designer, you’ll likely want to start there. Once you’ve taken the tour of that template, it will seamlessly direct you to this one.

If you are familiar with how the ProofPilot protocol designer works, but aren’t quite sure how that protocol becomes a participant experience, you’re in the right place.

Once you’ve launched this template, click “Preview.” A new screen will open showing a potential mobile experience. As you progress in the study follow along on your study flow page. Also, change the window size to see how the experience will change on desktop or mobile. Check your e-mail and phone to see notifications and prompts.

What does this study participant experience do?

Let’s say there’s a video that gets you abs in 5 minutes a day. What would a study to evaluate that video look like to a participant? This is a completely made up, not real study to help you connect the study flow design language with a resulting participant experience. While the topic is superfluous, the demonstrated functionality can be applied to a nearly limitless number of questions, treatments, and programs.

Remember ProofPilot is platform agnostic. So, try this participant experience on your desktop, your iPhone, your iPad, your Android … it’s all good!

This study template allows you to simulate a study that is entirely participant self-service. However, ProofPilot supports a whole set of functionality for in-person (or in-clinic) participant engagement. There are just some study tasks that require a participant and professional to engage in real time. Find more information here.

What's included in Online Research Study Participant Experience Demonstration?

There are various measurements, interventions, decision rule tasks in studies.For more detail on what this study includes, along with links for more information on each task scroll down

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Study Tasks Included in Online Research Study Participant Experience Demonstration