Study Template: ProofPilot's Visual Protocol Designer Template

Once you’re seated at your desk (ProofPilot’s protocol designer needs a big screen so doesn’t work with a mobile phone), this is the first template everyone should start with. It will help you understand how to read the ProofPilot Visual Protocol Designer, otherwise known as the study flow page. It isn’t meant to be anything you launch to participants, use to create your own study or even preview for yourself. But feel free to play around and begin to get familiar with ProofPilot.

This is a simple outline of an experimental design. What’s an experimental design? It means there are two different participant experiences with one significant difference. One experience (or arm) has an intervention. The other does not.

What does this study participant experience do in the Visual Protocol Designer Template? 

This obviously isn’t a real study. You can press the preview button and see how this demonstration turns into a participant experience.  It demonstrates how to read the ProofPilot visual protocol design language. For those folks who have a lot of research protocol development experience, there’s a bit of a learning curve. And those who have never done research before, there are some things you should know. Use this template to get the hang of things.

Once you do, you’ve got a nearly unlimited number of study designs ready to be created and launched. Don’t have any idea what you want to create? No problem, get some inspiration with this guide on how to design a study when you don’t know what to study.

If you think you’ve got how to design a study on ProofPilot, move on to the Participant Experience Demonstration Template.

What's included in ProofPilot's Visual Protocol Designer Template?

There are various measurements, interventions, decision rule tasks in studies.For more detail on what this study includes, along with links for more information on each task scroll down

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Study Tasks Included in ProofPilot's Visual Protocol Designer Template