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Pay to Participate Studies

January 7, 2020

Today, ProofPilot began launching studies in which some participants pay for products and services in the study. These studies are on a range of topics by various health and wellness…

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Creating Clinical Trial Participant Personas to Improve Recruitment & Retention

April 7, 2019

One of our key goals at ProofPilot support research studies participants actually enjoy engaging in (or at least mitigate the stress for those participants who are in a study because they…

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Group-Based Clinical Trial Participant Engagement

February 8, 2019
Group based research activities

How to engage participants and manage trial activities in group-based settings like support groups, fitness classes, and information sessions? Most clinical trial engagement tools support two participant engagement models: traditional one-on-one…

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Alternatives to the Randomized Controlled Trial

January 23, 2019

ProofPilot’s goal is to “democratize” techniques that determine “what works to improve lives.” Here are alternatives to the randomized controlled trial that are better suited to your research question, a…

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The Weight Loss and Wellbeing Study

January 17, 2019
Lifesum Weightloss and Wellbeing

Starting this January, ProofPilot is happy to highlighting one study each month we feel deserves your attention as both a participant and a potential research designer. Take a look. Join…

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ProofPilot’s Steps Towards Radical Transparency

January 16, 2019
transprent water

Radical transparency describes actions and approaches that open organizational processes and data. Startups like Buffer share top financial info and specific department-wide results every quarter. YouTube stars, Kara and Nate,…

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The What, Why & How of ProofPilot

How ProofPilot Sets Development Priorities

July 27, 2018

ProofPilot believes, almost religiously, that designing a research study should be as easy as managing a blog. It should be inexpensive. Participation in that study should be an entertainment activity.…

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Why is Scientific Evidence Important?

March 21, 2018

Evidence from scientifically sound research studies is important because it lets us make decisions based on “what works.”The lack of evidence has real-world business consequences. No business person would run a…

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The LGBT Community Gave ProofPilot a Competitive Advantage

February 3, 2017

Prior to launching ProofPilot, I was a consultant to academic and government researchers deploying online research studies to test the efficacy of different HIV prevention strategies. The experience helped us…

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Feature Release Notes

Participant Study Schedules & Calendars

January 7, 2019

With the new “What’s Next” participants can see an upcoming study schedule. The release is designed to improve participant engagement, retention and reduce missed study tasks. It’s the New Year.…

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Calculated Data Elements in ProofPilot

January 2, 2019

If you know anything about ProofPilot, you know we’re about more than data. ProofPilot study tasks might be rewards, informational givebacks, or even interventions. But, data collection remains an integral…

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Infrastructure & Formatting Release

November 25, 2018

ProofPilot might not look that different to you this morning. But, behind the scenes, it’s supported now by an entirely different infrastructure. That infrastructure is more secure, more scalable, more…

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ProofPilot in the Press

Why We Collect Your Location Data

December 25, 2019
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The innovative startups improving clinical trial recruitment, enrollment, retention, and design

January 24, 2019

Pharma companies understand that most of their clinical trials will fail. At the same time, they recognize that many of their clinical studies fail not because of issues with drug…

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Gay Pride Q&A at the Direct to Patient Trial Conference

June 28, 2018

It’s Gay Pride Month and events across the world celebrate wins and bring attention to issues that still need attention. The community still struggles with health disparities and the HIV…

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What's Next for ProofPilot

June 24, 2018

ProofPilot has some lofty goals. We’re not interested in being another electronic data capture system. We feel the world of research needs real change.

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Five Lessons that We Haven't Learned Yet from the Theranos Scandal

June 18, 2018

There are plenty of explanations about how this was allowed to happen. Here are the five things we should be learning from the Theranos scandal.

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How to Avoid Evidence Based Cynisism

January 4, 2018

Over the past two decades, the CDC (and other health agencies) have gone all in on “evidence-based.” But they’ve done so without developing a sufficient ecosystem to produce that evidence.

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