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What ProofPilot Isn’t

It’s often insightful to watch friends as they build their startups. Sometimes you see mistakes you’ve already made. Sometimes, you get tips for things you should have done.

Earlier today, a good friend Toby Hervey, CEO of Bravely, wrote a post that resonated with me. “What Bravely Isn’t.” Why didn’t I share something like this years ago? I am going to today.

There are lots of companies out there who have already conquered the easy problems. Those easy opportunities are easy to explain. “We sell books online,” or “we are a customer relationship management system.”

For innovators, like ProofPilot (and Bravely), that explanation is more difficult. ProofPilot is a platform to design, launch and take part in research studies. We’re here to help test what works, and what doesn’t to improve lives.

A short description is a must. No one has the attention span for more. But, ProofPilot and the research sector we serve is complex. One sentence isn’t enough. So, customers and investors place us in an existing bucket they are familiar with. This often ignores the innovations we’ve worked so hard on. These are the very innovations sorely needed by our customer and the industry.

So, to help out customers understand who we are, here’s What ProofPilot Isn’t.

ProofPilot isn’t an online survey solution

ProofPilot includes survey functionality, but it goes far beyond. ProofPilot also manages interventions. Issue treatment reminders. Walks study staff through complex procedures. Sends participants treatments and interventions. Reward them with discounts and gift cards. Send them insights about their participation.

ProofPilot maintains relationships with participants over days, months and years. It triggers new study activities based on time, behavior and previously collected data. It sends reminders via SMS and email.

In simple survey systems, once a participant has completed a couple of questions. They’re done. That’s it. We don’t believe that’s enough to answer the complex questions many of us have about what works (and what doesn’t) to improve lives.

Simulate a simple participant experience in ProofPilot to see for yourself.

ProofPilot isn’t an electronic data capture system

Today, most technology solutions in the research world orient themselves around the researcher. What data does the researcher need? How will the researcher capture it? Is the data in the right format?

And participants, who are a vital component of the study, are largely an afterthought They feel like a cow jabbed with treatments and then milked for data. No wonder recruitment and engagement is studies is so poor.

ProofPilot rebalances the research experience. Researchers can design a study that collects and operates within their requirements. Those requirements include an electronic data capture system embedded within ProofPilot. But we don’t take the traditional approach. Our study design language coaxes researchers into considering participant needs and interests.

The result is a study experience for participants AND study professionals. This experience manages the entire study process with elegance and efficiency. Its far more interesting that just entering data into a piece of technology.

ProofPilot isn’t a service organization (a consulting firm, or CRO)

There are hundreds, even thousands of contract service terms who conduct research. They are paid for their time. These groups profit from the chaos that is the research process today. A vast majority of their efforts don’t end on time or budget.

ProofPilot democratizes tools previously only available in well funded pharma and academia. We’re making it as easy to design and launch a randomized controlled trial as it is to manage a blog post. The Ph.D. is optional.

It’s no longer necessary to hire an external firm. You can do a study yourself for a fraction of the cost (and likely stay on you budget and timeline).

ProofPilot isn’t a development service for research apps

Whether our customers are professional researchers, or service professionals with a research question, few have the budget or knowledge to manage a development effort.

ProofPilot is completely self-service. Not only is the Ph.D. optional, but you also don’t need any IT or software knowledge. Everything is visual and menu based. If you can set up a blog, you can use ProofPilot to create a complex study.

With a ProofPIlot license, you can design and launch an unlimited number of studies with the same ease as managing a blog.

ProofPilot is not just an app.

ProofPilot is a platform that supports the entire research process. Researchers design their study on ProofPilot. They review measurements, interventions, and rewards.

Then those researchers launched the study to participants. Participants can engage with an app. Or, they can participate in person, or via a desktop web experience.

Then as a researcher, the data rolls in via real-time reports. Every data element is stored on ProofPilot in a completely secure and confidential way.

ProofPilot believes the research community needs a platform solution, not more disconnected solutions. We’ll be including more components in 2018 to make ProofPilot a one stop shop for human subjects research.

I hope this helps our customers, stakeholders and investors further understand what ProofPilot is. The research world needs to think beyond buckets to innovate into its next chapter. We’ve built ProofPilot to be that catalyst.

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