Design Your Own Studies. It’s as Easy as Managing a Blog.

Design & launch participant-centered RCTs, evaluations and outcome studies. No big budgets. No software developers or professional services.  And the Ph.D. is optional.

ProofPilot is a Different Kind of Study Platform

Conducting clinical trials, evaluations and outcome studies used to be so difficult, wonky and expensive, few got done.

So, we make some of the most important decisions of our lives without knowing what works.

ProofPilot is democratizing scientifically valid techniques. It's powerful enough for a career researcher. It's secure enough for regulators. And it's easy enough for a novice.

ProofPilot is about more than collecting data. It's about building community and establishing credibility around your products & services. 

What makes ProofPilot so special? 

ProofPilot is the first tool built to expand who can run studies, who can participate in them, and what topics can be studied. We've reduced cost, eliminated custom development and made the process self-service. ProofPilot is designed for researchers and participants. It supports traditional academic studies and novel community based and direct to participant experiences. We're more than a survey, more than an electronic data capture system, and more than a mobile app. We're a platform to turn the research study into a new form of engaging media. We're a movement to bring research and the resulting evidence into every community, topic, and industry. In doing so we hope to contribute to a healthier happier world in the process.

What kind of studies can I run on ProofPilot?

ProofPilot is designed to support studies and topics that might not have been feasible before. At the same time, our customers use ProofPilot to bring efficiency and participant satisfaction to traditional studies. 

ProofPilot supports prospective longitudinal studies, otherwise known as any study that tracks participants into the future. ProofPilot lets you use techniques like randomized controlled trials, longitudinal outcome studies,  N of 1 trials and programmatic evaluations, among others. Designing a study on ProofPilot is a bit like composing a piece of music. it's quite flexible.

ProofPilot customers run studies on nutrition, diet, digital apps, mental health, psychiatry, genetics, medical devices, healthcare programs and more.

How do I recruit and engage participants? 

ProofPilot includes a large number of recruitment and engagement tools. Enroll existing patients through special in-person enrollment functionality individually. Use SMS-recruit functionality to register participants in classes, large events, or via mass-media advertising.  Let your study go viral via carefully designed embedded social media tools. Enroll online customers and app users via integrations with common marketing and e-commerce systems. 

I've never run a research study before. Can you help?

It doesn't matter if you're an established researcher dipping your toes into online tools, or you've never considered a research study before. We're here to help, but you might not need us. ProofPilot includes predefined study templates where you simply fill in the blanks. ProofPilot includes a full online support library. Online chat with a ProofPilot representative is only a click away. 

Is ProofPilot secure? Is it ethical? Does it adhere to industry regulations? 

Yes. Of course. All studies on ProofPilot are reviewed by a third party ethics review board before going live. We adhere to the EU's new GDPR and special regulations for California residents. We're compliant with CAN-SPAM and international equivalents. Learn more about ProofPilot's security and ethical posture or download our IRB/IT review guide

ProofPilot is HIPAA compliant. And yes, we are able to sign BAAs at the organization license level. 

ProofPilot is CFR Part 11 compliant. To review our service operating procedures, please contact us. 

ProofPilot makes studies possible that were never feasible before while bringing efficiency and participant-centricity to today's complex research and evaluation protocols.

Why Run a Study on ProofPilot? 

Quickly and efficiently build credibility around your work.

Build a portfolio of studies quickly and at low cost that helps you get beyond the anecdote. Build a competitive advantage with scientifically valid proof. Show customers, patients, and stakeholders that your product and work really makes a difference. 


Attract new customers. Retain existing customers. Engage your community.

Your current and potential customers and patients want to engage in research studies.  They want to contribute to breakthroughs and learn about themselves. They want to learn new products and be the first to tell their friends and family about treatments, tools and techniques that really work. 

No software downloads. No IT staff. No developers. No app store approvals. No costly professional services or consulting.

ProofPilot is completely self-service out of the box. You can design a study on any internet connected desktop or laptop computer running the Chrome or Safari web browser. All the security, all the servers, and all the software development is already taken care of.  

Participants don't need to download anything either. ProofPilot uses a new Google technology called progressive web apps to create a native-like experience without the multi-step process of going through an app store.